Each of these initiatives addresses a specific opportunity for change and represents a focused effort to support the smoke-free movement in Louisiana. 


The Louisiana Tobacco-Free College Initiative combats the tobacco industry’s deceptive marketing tactics through a statewide college campus and social networking program, which builds on the success of The Louisiana Smoke-Free Air Act and encourages students to quit or to never start using tobacco.

The Louisiana Smoke-Free Air Act requires schools (K-12) in Louisiana to be smoke-free, but outdoor spaces on college campuses are exempt. The Fresh Campus initiative was launched in 14 colleges and universities to build student coalitions that advocate for a tobacco-free campus. Visit for more information.

For those not yet college-aged, the Defy campaign addresses the potentially manipulative marketing practices of the tobacco industry and fights against any marketing that has the potential to illegally influence the youth regarding tobacco use. Learn more at


The Healthier Air for All Campaign is the secondhand smoke initiative of TFL. Unfortunately, there are still people working in environments that are unprotected from the dangers of secondhand smoke: our beloved entertainers, bar employees and gaming facility employees. Healthier Air For All encourages support for the protection of all employees with the expansion of smoke-free policies, businesses and events across Louisiana, to continue the growing movement toward a 100% smoke-free Louisiana. Learn more at


Quit With Us, LA is a partnership between TFL and the Department of Health and Hospitals Tobacco Control Program (TCP) that was built as a grassroots community outreach effort. The program’s website is a resource for those who want to quit on their own or help their friend or loved one quit, and for healthcare providers who identify that their patients are tobacco users and have a desire to quit. For more information, visit


African-Americans comprise 32% of Louisiana’s population, and the state has the second highest percentage of African-American smokers in the nation. Tobacco-related deaths and diseases affect communities of color almost twice as much as they affect other communities.

The African-American Male Cessation Initiative was put into place to increase awareness and utilization of cessation resources and services by African-American males throughout Louisiana. TFL partnered with the Communities of Color and the Smoking Cessation Trust to promote available cessation resources through both mass media and on the ground outreach. The overall vision of this initiative is to eliminate tobacco-related health disparities in these targeted communities.

The Communities of Color Network (CoC) provides support and technical assistance to ensure that members of our African-American communities are well informed about the dangers of tobacco, and that these communities are prepared to take action to protect themselves from unhealthy exposure. Read more about the how tobacco affects these communities in our Tobacco Data section.


The Louisiana Healthy Communities Coalition strives to improve the health and quality of life of Louisianans by mobilizing communities through policy and system implementation, as well as spearheading environmental changes in order to build healthier communities. You can learn more about their wide-ranging efforts at

The Coalition for a Tobacco-Free Louisiana (CTFLA) and its subsidiary, The Coalition for a Smoke-Free New Orleans, are key partners of the Tobacco-Free Living campaign’s effort to create a smoke-free state, one city at a time. The CTFLA aims to strengthen policies that provide protection against the harmful effects of tobacco and encourage smoke-free living.